Cursed to Remain film premiere

Cursed to Remain - Brian Lac.jpg

Excited to announce that Cursed to Remain will premiere at the Newport Beach Film Festival on Saturday, April 25! The film is directed by Bryan Jackson and features a cast of young directors all working on camera as the talent for the film. The experimental performance film was developed thru an acting workshop for young directors in the Digital Filmmaking program at UC Irvine. In "Cursed" a cruel, early German Folk story about a boy who spites his father is used to frame a series of personal failures and lingering embarrassments drawn from actor experiences. The film features a score by composer Steve Cheih-Wei Chiu.

Cursed to Remain - Let's Get Shots

If you can read this...

If You Can Read This GLARE Meeting Poster


Being an official campus group allowed the Gay Lesbian Alliance for Resource and Education (GLARE) to have meeting fliers distributed through the official ESU campus bullentin board serivce. We used each as an educational opportunity to reach our members, and communicate a message to those not yet comfortable enough to attend a meeting as well the campus at large. The "If you can read this..." flier also nudged the Director of the Heath Center to provide better, more proactive educational and support programs. The nurses loved it, the Doctor/Director not so much.


Safe Zone posters

Safe Zone Poster Cards
SAFE ZONE campaign, GLARE, Emporia State University, Kansas 1991

Being out at a small Kansas university in early 90's wasn't always easy. Efforts by the Gay Lesbian Alliance for Resource and Education to increase visibility were often met with hostility. While attitudes were indeed changing, issues of vulnerability remained.

SAFE ZONE was a GLARE campaign to create an open, safer environment for LGB people on campus. We hadn't gotten to the T or Q parts yet. While the idea wasn't our own, it had come to us from a school in Missouri, the Safe Zone graphic design by Michael Hofeldt was. The funding for the campaign was granted by the Associated Student Government.

The distribution was simple; faculty or staff filled out a request, and we'd send them the card via campus mail. The campaign proved to be very powerful; when SAFE ZONE posters began appearing in numbers on faculty and staff office doors, giving them a voice, an active role in the fight for a safe, open educational community.

GLARE Stadium Sign

GLARE Sign Painting.jpg

Here's one from the achive. Miss Melanie, Bryan, Andy?, and Susan painting the GLARE sign in backyard at Bryan's apartment in Emporia. GLARE (Gay Lesbian Alliance for Resource and Education) decided to join the informal tradition of fraternities and soriorities displaying their letters during the football games at Welch Stadium.

GLARE Sign - Faces.jpg
GLARE Sign - Welch Stadium ESU.jpg

We got there early and landed the best spot. We had a great time, but others were less enthused.


The Rockwell Boys

The Rockwell Boys | Eric's Diary Entry

Writer/Director Bryan Jackson has begun development on his first feature film The Rockwell Boys.


feel the love

All Out Attack Logo | Valentine's Special 2005
Here's a special Valentine's logo from 2005. Can you feel the love?


aoa spaceman

AOA Spaceman 8-bit

Our logo hasn't always been constructivist-styled wheat-and-stars.  Here's an early 8-bit All Out Attack Spaceman logo from 1996.  Since the founding members of AOA were former student-activists from Kansas, our logo was a unique embodiment of the state motto 'Ad Astera Per Aspera' or 'To the Stars through Difficulty.'  We had a sense of humor, a cd-rom of 8-bit clipart and a soft spot for astronaut stuff.  Now who still has their original t-shirt and I.D. card?


akta street pix

akta street view  akta touch   akta corner

akta exhibition poster

LIttle Taiko Boy Tokyo | akta poster

Poster (featuring Cesar Cipriano) for Little Taiko Boy | World AIDS Day exhibition at community center akta, Tokyo, Japan. Photo by Quyen Tran.

Condom Packages from akta

LTB Condom Packages

Check out the wonderful new 'Little Taiko Boy' condom packages printed by akta, and distributed by the Delivery Boys to over 170 bars in the the Shinjuku Ni-Chome neighborhood!